See how stringent our security regulations in airports have become. (Thank goodness my Iphone takes pictures, otherwise my family would never have believed me.)

In other news, Easy Virtue is a better play than movie, at least in its most recent rendition. Hitchcock made an 1928 version of Noel Coward’s play–

Excuse me, I seem to have burned the inside of my hand showing my mom how to use her nifty new teapot. If anyone is familiar with glass teapots where you put the loose-leaf tea down a well in the center, and then press a button to open the inside of the teapot up to the hot water outside, let me know.

We’re a little confused down here as to how you are supposed to keep holding the button down. (Over the palm of your hand is incorrect.)

6 thoughts on “OUCH

  1. Sounds… complicated…

    Here we use an ‘infuser’ I think? If you insist on using loose leaf tea. Little metal cages that you just throw the leaves in, and dunk away.

    re: airports — we still have a bunch of toe/fingernail clippers around the house with the pointy-file bits torn off by airport security staff. Those 1-inch blades are dangerous, y’know!

  2. This isn’t one of those teapot type things where you’re supposed to place the pot over a glass or other receptacle and that holds the button down for you? I can’t even imagine what device you’re describing. And I’m a tea snob.

    At least, I was when I had money to spend. Now I just make Lipton in a cheap iced tea maker.

  3. It turns out that the Chinese instructions also had pictures, which my mom didn’t tell me before I poured boiling water over my hand. YOu hold the button down inside the teapot, an explanation which will no no sense to anyone who hasn’t seen the device.

    Moral of the story: watch out for teapots, snowglobes, and security staff who tear apart figernail clippers! Egads

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