Outside In at LaViolaBank Gallery: Walkin’ On Broken Glass

You enter Outside In, the group show at LaViolaBank gallery, by stepping up on a raised platform covered in cracked glass. People, understandably, paused hesitantly before crossing over it when I went to the opening Wednesday night. Under the chatter of the crowd, you could hear (and feel) the glass shattering beneath your feet. This makes for quite an introduction to the exhibition, which explores the personal/dreamy/unreal side of landscape. (LaViolaBank happens to be a block from my apartment, so not even lobster night could keep me away from the opening.)

Mira O’Brien’s aptly titled Glass Floor is laminated glass over photographs whose spreading geometric patterns mirror [get it, to mirror/on a mirror? no?] the cracking patterns of the glass. I enjoyed walking on the art, to see the art, while participating in the destruction of the art, in a visceral sense. The seascape beneath seemed a little insipid, like a stock nature scene. Maybe I was too distracted by the people to contemplate it. Either way, I enjoyed it overall. More on the project and her work on her website.

I also liked the charcoal drawings of Marina Berio. It probably looks like a photographic negative, which it was based on, in the jpeg below. The charcoal’s softer edges and matteness transformed the atmosphere of the piece. In a sense, these were the most literal pieces in this rather dreamy show, but by changing medium I thought they gained a greater atmospheric value. If you’re in the neighborhood before October 18, have a look.

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  1. I took a peek at the exhibit at the LaViolaBank Gallery (online).
    Enjoyed the Swedish artist Allen Grubesic’s Masterpieces.
    Also, got a kick out of the Danish artist HuskMitNavn – now,let me see… that would translate to AskMyName… yep…

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