Parade of the Bearded Man, or my walk to dinner Friday night took an unexpected turn

First they popped across my view on the Bowery. I heard the Mariachi’s cheerful music before I saw the parade leader, neon blue coyote shining from his large paper-mache head.

Then I saw his followers, sporting real and fake beards, carrying  white banners behind him, all bearing the sign of the bearded man. I walked with them up Bowery, east on Houston, and then a bit down Eldridge Street where they began to crowd into a gallery.

Thanks to the wonder that is the internet, I have since learned that the gallery was DCKT Contemporary, the artist was Irvin Morazan, and that is was actually a coyote procession. I stand corrected.

The exhibition itself is called “Temple of the Bearded Man.” I can’t speak for the rest of it, but the parade was good fun, even though I don’t know what happened with the whip cream at the end. A birthday dinner called.

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