Q: What is Thursday in the art world?

A: A night of gallery hopping; i.e. openings, wine, people watching, mingling and more.

I have a great list of exciting openings for tonight. I have a great new raincoat and umbrella just in case. Great, right? Except I’ll be hosting my boyfriend’s dad for dinner, which is, of course, lovely, but does not leave time for gallery hopping.

There’s no reason that the list should go to waste though. Enjoy and report back if you can. If not, hopefully I’ll be out there on Friday. Also, if you ever want to check out some openings and aren’t sure where to go, check out Artcards for a great and wide-ranging list of exhibitions. Openings are from 6 to 8 p.m.

This is my short list of things to see tonight. The long list occurs as you’re strolling through Chelsea and spot a crowd or a work that catches you’re eye. Hopefully, I’ll catch those shows and the ones listed below tomorrow.

The shows listed below are not to be missed, at least so I suspect/heard through the grapevine. Except for the last one, an installation, this list provides a very painterly tour of Chelsea. There are galleries outside of Chelsea (and I do want to write about them soon) but you can only fit so much into a day, right?

Am I missing a good show? Is something cool coming up? Tell me!

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