Ravels in Review: 4th of July Weekend!

Thank god it’s finally here. I mean, aside from some techincal snafoos, it’s been a good week– but I rather be off on a long weekend. Jasper John’s Three Flags, above, is as close to patriotic as I get. I’ve been on a mental vacation everywhere but NYC USA this week.

There was a video post about the High Museum in Atlanta, Georgia, and then there was Hungarian art past (Tamas St. Auby) and present (Peter Forgacs) plus the current cool festivities at the Ludwig Museum in Budapest.

There was a crazy sky last weekend, which led to some good sailing weather, and hopefully there’ll be more of it for this upcoming weekend: we’re sailing over to Fire Island. It’ll be nice to have some good ol’ Americana in my life. Enjoy the long weekend!

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