Ravels in Review Friday

Maybe it was the confluence of Friday the 13th and Valentine’s Day, but posts this week veered from sweetly feminine to strongly feminist. Or maybe it was the full moon and hormones. You be the judge.

We went from (egads!) love poems, to an art salon, which, by the way, proved to be quite enjoyable, to a mini-bio of portrait painter Louise-Elisabeth Vigee-Le Brun, who success at the turn of the 19th c. was unprecedented. From Le Brun’s Rococo paintings of women in big hats, we skipped forward in time to a fashion week rif, in which some new designs looked rather like Le Brun’s paintings, and all this led to the feminist ‘fabrics’ of painter Nancy Friedmann.

In a gender-neutral moment, I wrote yesterday about BECA‘s program for emerging artists and how they are supporting it with this amazing $5 raffle. It’s a great prize for a good cause, so check it out.

What’s next on the agenda? Possibly some L.E.S. gallery reporting and a theater review. Stay tuned.

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