Ravels in Review Memorial Day Weekend

Ubi Roi, Hernan Bas at Lehmann Maupin

Yes, it has been a week already, and luckily things have calmed down since the fire on my block last week. In fact, they have slowed to a crawl, which is about the pace my sinuses can handle right now.

  • Despite the fog in my brain, or perhaps because of, I tried to explain the greatness of Erasmus based on the fact he named himself ‘Desire Desire.’ He did some other things too.
  • I questioned whether Francis Bacon could qualify as the greatest painter of the 20th twentieth, and got at least a few votes for greatness, if not greatest painter ever. I’m hanging out on a limb until I see the retrospective up at the Met now.
  • The oldest sculpture ever was discovered, and there is some very scientific discussion about how sex-obsessed early humans were.

All in all, a good week. Some things to look forward to in the art world, like Francis Bacon at the Met and promising-sounding Hernan Bas exhibitions at the Brooklyn Museum of Art and Lehmann Maupin, and a long Memorial Day weekend ahead.


2 thoughts on “Ravels in Review Memorial Day Weekend

  1. Enjoyed your week – I was reading a bit of Erasmus a while back in discussions of free will vs predestination. Curious how he ended on the outs of both Catholics and Protestants. It was hard to be an independent thinker. Is it possible that your sinus problem is connected to the fire/smoke etc. Can’t wait to see what you discover over a long weekend 🙂

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