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Beach reading is a class of reading unto itself. I’ve always enjoyed a gripping, easy novel. I discovered Stieg Larsson while I was here. However, having been here 3 weeks I can assure you I’ve read all of the good gripping stories and have moved on to second tier, wild, and badly written books. Tsar, above, falls into that category as do all the books that were left in our new apartment. So it is with great excitement that I announce today is library day! I am going to the public library in Phillipsburg to get a library card. Perhaps that doesn’t sound incredibly festive to you, but get a load of what was next on my list:

Dead After Dark contains four supernatural romance stories. The first one is about a woman hunting a werewolf, only to find herself hunted by the werewolf, only to find herself in love with the werewolf. I didn’t read on to see what the other stories were about.

I do have my trusty copy of The Oxford Book of English Verse with me, but it’s not exactly beach reading nor is it sturdy enough for the beach. So yes, it’s off to the library for me!

3 thoughts on “Reading Material

  1. dost mine eyes deceive me? a paranormal romance?! magnifique! im curious to hear what the phillipsburg library is like, somehow i don’t imagine they have a great selection as any tourists coming off the cruise boats wouldn’t need thm.

    hopefully it’s formidable and im wrong!

  2. Oh yes: Fury and his werewolf clan, a hunk with an unwordly hunger, a stunning young ghost, and supernatural powers that endanger human lovers.

    You know, the normals pitfalls of romance

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