Red Sky at Night…

The sky did the most incredible thing last night….did you see it?

Red sky at night, sailor’s delight,
Red sky at morning, sailor’s take warning.

Everything was bathed in a rose-orange glow and the clouds looked like pouffe balls. People on the street were stopping to take pictures. The old proverb must be true: I’ve woken up to the most beautiful day this June.

So I’m going sailing! Happy Saturday!

7 thoughts on “Red Sky at Night…

  1. Aw, they’re cute! Though I hazard to guess that it was more caused by a dark background and a well-light foreground, which kind of makes them look… curved…

    But they’re pretty nonetheless!

    I didn’t know you sailed; I sailed catamarans until a few years ago, when it all got too much 😛

  2. No, they were that curved, like big round pieces of cotton candy, Mario Brothers-style.

    Catamarans could indeed be too much–but I’d love to try it sometime. It looks terrifying!

  3. I did…walking from b/r to kitchen out of the windows I saw a peculiar orange tinge so I went to the windows, took a long look at my “skycape” for the day and thought, Hallaluya Baby! Watch them clouds for a long long time…Very special photos you posted here. Thx for that!

    Happy sailing we will miss you Sunday

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