Review: Bernd Oppl at the Georgia Museum of Art


Bernd Oppl, Sick Building, 2012; video (still).

A new review of mine about the quietly horror-inspired videos of Austrian artist Bernd Oppl is up on Burnaway Magazine. If you have the chance to visit the Georgia Museum of Art before September 16th, the three videos form a really interesting, only slightly unsettling, exhibition.

“Inhabited” is usually a reassuring word. The works in “Bernd Oppl: Inhabited Interiors” at the Georgia Museum of Art, however, beg the unsettling question: who, or what, is inhabiting these interiors? Three short works—FlockHotel RoomSick Building—by the Vienna-based artist are being screened in silent rotation, none of which depict a human presence. According to curator Laura Valeri, the artist considers the spaces themselves as the protagonists. Continue…


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