Review: Jill Sobule at Joe’s Pub

Who is Jill Sobule?

If you’re screaming to your computer, “I kissed a girl, ” then calm down and try to reassure those around you about your emotional stability. Likewise to those of you who started singing that you wanted to be a supermodel.

Yes, Jill Sobule wrote the ’95 hit “I kissed a girl” and Clueless soundtrack “I want to be a supermodel.” However, I, pop culture retard that I am, had no clue who she was. Why did I go to her show then? Because Joe’s Pub, part of the Public Theatre (that awesome organization that does Shakespeare in the Park) just had their 10 for 10 Festival this weekend. To celebrate 10 years of awesomeness, they had 10 free shows and I won tickets! However, I’ll spare you my constant theme of how cool NYC, culture, and any free combination of the two are.

Jill Sobule, and for a few songs some charming bloke named John Wesley Harding (is he famous as well?), put on a fun, funny show. Harding provided a stirring interlude with kazoo. Sobule’s charm is in her neurotic, quirky, childlike lyrics that have a charming simplicity. Altogether the quirks and rhymes are endearing, and make for a fun show especially in the intimate setting of the lounge. Maybe the rhyme scheme is a little too rhymey. But the simplicity and whimsy recommend themselves, and really cut to the heart of our “sophisticated” adult emotions. Sobule looks liked an aged 14-year-old and, in many ways, that’s what her songs are like, on topics like Halloween costumes and what she would do with a jet pack as well as love and politics. (Hint: she had a crazy affair with Condaleeza Rice. It’s true–just ask her.)

Overall, light, cheerful live singers who I never would have heard otherwise. I’m not sure Sobule’s quite my thing…but I wouldn’t have known who she was, or had the pleasure of such a lovely evening without this show.

Yay for free New York!

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