Rich and vivid color: Chagall’s America Window

Marc Chagall’s America Windows were one of delightful surprises I encountered at the Art Institute this weekend in Chicago. Apparently recently re-installed after a long restoration, this large tripartite stained glass glows with the fantastic color you associate with Chagall.

Originally installed in 1977, Chagall created the windows as a gift to the city of Chicago. Stained glass was a medium he came to later in life – in his 70s – but he managed to create many notable works. Here he celebrates America’s bicentennial with symbols of America as well as more idiosyncratic ones.

Chagall employed a stain glass artist to make the pieces according to his specifications. Then he painted the glass with metallic oxide paints that were heated to fuse the color and design permanently to the glass. The entire image glows with rich and vivid color.

Click on any of the images for a larger view.

2 thoughts on “Rich and vivid color: Chagall’s America Window

  1. I visited the museum this past weekend for the second time, but it was my first time seeing the Chagall windows. They were stunning.

    It was overwhelmingly so, in fact. My brain couldn’t take in all of the little details until after about 10 minutes. Such a crazy feeling when suddenly I was seeing these little line drawings (Chagall’s traditional images) in the background where I had previously just been seeing the foreground scene.

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