Rilke and Rodin

If you haven’t yet met Lorenzo at The Alchemist’s Pillow, then I highly recommend you pop over for a lovely series of posts on the relationship between the poet Rilke and the sculptor Rodin.

I would suggest starting here, and then exploring more here, and then keep reading his lovely blog.

4 thoughts on “Rilke and Rodin

  1. Oh, I would love to see that. Whenever I think of Rodin, I remember visiting his house/museum in Paris. It’s such a wonderful space and setting for his sculpture.

    You’ll enjoy Lorenzo’s blog very much! Comes with my highest recommendation.

  2. Thanks so much, Art, for the kind words about the blog and the links. I have really been enjoying the exploration of Rilke’s relationship with Rodin and looking forward to revisiting the Rodin museum in Paris. I was there years ago and have wonderful memories, but after seeing Rilke’s descriptions of Rodin, his approach to his work and these sculptures, I am sure I would find a repeate visit much more rewarding still.

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