Roll Call: Favorites of the Decade

Untitled (Mylar), Tara Donovan, Installation Shot at Met

 So I was asked the big question: Who are my favorite 3 artists/artworks of past 10 years?

Clearly this is an impossible question, and perhaps for that reason my mind went utterly blank…especially as I mentally had to reject so many things made prior to 10 years ago. But it bothered me I couldn’t answer.

The next day, because I think better on paper, I made a list:

  • William Kentridge (and, by the way, check out the PBS documentary that just came out)
  • Tara Donovan
  • Doug Aitken
  • Julie Heffernan
  • Mark Bradford
  • Michelangelo Pistoletti

Not sure but strong maybes:

  • Murakami
  • Hernan Bas
  • Claire Twomey

Not sure due to 10-year time restriction:

  • Jeff Wall
  • Cy Twombley

 So let’s get quite contemporary, and you tell me, what would you pick? Can you pick? I can’t even choose a favorite color, so I understand not being able to. But a fun game if you want to drive yourself bonkers.

4 thoughts on “Roll Call: Favorites of the Decade

  1. oh dear, oh dear!
    I too love William Kentridge, Kiki Smith, Tileke Schwartz, Banksy, chuck close, lucein freud,

    oh dear! erm! erm!

    Not sure why, but I am rather fond of stella vine’s work.

  2. So Tileke Schwartz is really interesting…thanks for sharing. Stella Vine was unfamiliar to me as well…

    Tough choices, no? Do you actually mean Freud’s work from the past decade?

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