Scuba Diving Today!

Today I step out of the classroom and into the water.

Or, rather, I step away from the e-learning Open Water Diver course on my computer and into the pool to practice. Then I have lunch, a nice boat ride, and I hop into a much deeper ocean and hope I don’t sink. And that the sharks don’t get me. Depending on the dive schedules, I should be a PADI- certified open water diver come Tuesday.

It’s a swim in the right direction.*

*Sorry, I couldn’t help myself.

8 thoughts on “Scuba Diving Today!

  1. Thanks everyone but Sebastian. : P

    My first dives went really well (and I saw a Queen Angelfish)–excited about going deeper tomorrow.

    And no, I’m not in this photo.

  2. Very cool – hope you’re having fun!

    Opens up a whole new world… I love it down there, although I haven’t dived in a while now – only place I feel like my body doesn’t inhibit me (apart from the not being able to breathe without big tank thingy of course!). It feels like flying to me. Enjoy! 🙂

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