Sculptures made of what?

It’s time to play “guess that material.” What do you think the tall white tower in the middle is made of? It was originally used, as you see it, to display flowers at a 18th C. Viennese table setting. Up at the Met through March, these sculptures and the surrounding exhibition examining the growth of porcelain making in Europe. The rest of the pieces on the table are porcelain, but these twin tower sculpture are made of sugar. These sugar paste towers have been holding fruit and flowers since the 1700s, which is kind of amazing. Unfortunately–the label notes- they are not edible.

4 thoughts on “Sculptures made of what?

  1. Not too long ago I saw a terrible art video in a gallery which consisted of a table (that reminds of the table in this post) festooned with desserts (Oreo cookies in particular) with an African American ballerina figurine (or something like that) posed on it and getting drowned in thick oozy white cream sauce. It was very deep.

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