Shakespeare in the Park’s Twelth Night

I braved the rain this past Friday to stand in line for tickets to see the first play of the Public Theater’s Shakespeare in the Park season, Twelfth Night. The experience both of getting tickets and seeing the play is unique. As I suggest in the video, the play is easily worth the process–I waited for tickets for only 3 hours!

I lucked out with clear skies and a faithful, delightful performance that had the audience laughing every other minute. The acting and the music was excellent, as I hope you can see in the video. Unfortunately, the Ravels in Motion crew is not used to shooting at night (and I was more interested in the play, to be honest) but hopefully you get enough of an idea to get in line at 8 AM in the upcoming weeks and see it for yourself.

Did I mention tickets were free? Anne Hathaway can sing? It’s on the lake at Central Park?

3 thoughts on “Shakespeare in the Park’s Twelth Night

  1. Quite a few people walking by asked what we were standing in life for, but suprisingly no one seemed that impressed.

    America’s Got Talent would no doubt have been more exciteing to them.

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