Shepard Fairey: Over Exposed and Over It

Shepard Fairey. You’ve heard the name, I’ve heard the name. We’ve seen the posters, read about the ad campaign for department store Saks. Lord knows we’ve heard about the recent Obama photograph debacle.

Look at the art. We get it. Nothing more need be said. Or even done by him. There’s a website that can do his art for you. (Note the website is pretty neat.) Never want to hear the name again, nor see another person’s internet photo Obama-ized.

Pardon me, am I ranting? If so, only because as an artist his recent work in itself is not that interesting.
There. I said it.

2 thoughts on “Shepard Fairey: Over Exposed and Over It

  1. Hey there –

    Just getting into the blogging world, an interacting with fellow bloggers..! I really dig your opinion, and read a few of your many entries – we’re on the same tangent on many issues, especially the incorporation of dreams into our reality, making that more mainstream.

    That being said, I would hate to have the luck of Shepard Fairey and the inadvertent fame of his Obama “hope” art… There’s a scene in Woody Allen’s “Love and Death” where Harold Gould’s character accuses Woody of having “Inadvertent Heroism” – in which Woody responds, “well, you should have such inadvertent heroism..!”

    Plus Shepard was on the Col-Bear Re-Pore, so he can’t be all that bad!

    Truthfully also, on my Facebook page I have one of my Tag pictures “obamiconed” with the word “COPE” instead of HOPE, with me drinking a big cup labeled “Reality”… maybe it is tired, but observing from afar, it is a cultural marker.

    keep up the good work.. check out my blog when you get a chance…!

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