That’s what I’ll be up to this weekend: moving.

Lots and lots of moving. The expected difference being that I will be done when this weekend is over. I have gone up and down the stairs only a few times, but enough to despair a bit.

However , where there is despair, there is also LOL cat photos in google image searches, sort of a visual illustration of the greater cosmic ying and yang.

If you don’t hear from me next week, assume a couch fell on my head.

3 thoughts on “Sisyphus

  1. No, I survived, and as of last night I even have hot water.

    Apparently the landlord didn’t realize he needed to turn on that last hot water valve–the one that goes to my shower. (Why not turn on all hot water valves to my apartment?) Then it still didn’t work until we realized that the plumber installed it so that hot is cold and cold is hot….(insert eye roll)

    So yes, showered and back. 🙂

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