Size Matters: Liliana Porter at Pulse

Forced Labor: weaver (blue III), 2008

Size matters. This diminutive knitter by Liliana Porter is an exercise in scale speaking volumes. Domesticity is overwhelming.

For more little people, check out a favorite project of mine, Little People- a tiny street art project.

4 thoughts on “Size Matters: Liliana Porter at Pulse

  1. This piece brought a smile. It was a refreshing break from the signage you mentioned; as well as the taxidermy, cars and too many overwrought pieces devoted to shocking me.

  2. Argh, taxidermy. (Always makes me sound like a pirate)

    I know that the fairs are such a blur to me I probably see more of the in your face pieces than a lot quieter pieces I might otherwise enjoy. Next year I think I’m going to go for quality over quantity in my art gazing.

    Btw, I am working on a post with works I actually really enjoyed : )

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