Something Weird This Way Comes

Ah, love that title. It’s from my new article on the Tim Burton at MoMA exhibition up on Blogcritics. To wit:

It certainly must feel strange for an isolated kid from the suburbs of California to have hundreds of his drawings and objects ensconced in an exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. No less so because he is known for his films rather than his drawings. Yet if the opening crowds are anything to judge by, most museum-goers are nothing but thrilled to see this exhaustive exhibition of 700+ works related to Tim Burton’s career. The crowds are right, for the same aesthetic binds Burton’s early work to his later films.

Face the crowds you must, if you want to wander through the strange byproducts of Burton’s imaginative mind. MoMA created a great entrance: through the mouth of a monster you enter a black and white striped hall lined with TVs playing a series of Stainboy animations. Then you enter a dark room where a carousel turns to creepy carnival music and glow-in-the-dark paintings on black velvet stare out at you. Next you enter the well-lit, white-walled galleries of MoMA – but even here things don’t return to normalcy. The walls are filled with hundreds of sketches of monsters and people on everything from canvas to cocktail napkins.

Rest here.

And a happy weird Tuesday to you all.


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  1. Seeing your comments on the crowds makes me glad I postponed MoMA in favor of other shows over the weekend. I think that the opportunity to see those little cocktail napkins will be worth the wait.

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