Stop Motion Sunrise

Mosquitoes woke me up just in time for the sunrise yesterday. I can’t think when the last time I saw one of those was. I expected the sun to rise up in a burst of glory, but instead it came up rather slowly, in a series of moments. So here I played with stop motion animation– not that the sun needed help from me in rising, but because it gives a better sense of movement and perception. Now I wish I had taken the photos from a fixed point, like a tripod, and taken more of them, but you get the idea.

It’s a beautiful and peaceful way to begin the day. I’d like to rouse myself out of bed one morning to see it again, without any prodding little biters helping me along.

4 thoughts on “Stop Motion Sunrise

  1. I’ve considered it. Luckily the boyfriend has developed an eerie ability to kill them with his bare hands. I kind of bat my hands around while he coils and pounces. It would look crazy if anyone happened to look in our windows, but we are definitely eliminating the enemy population…one by one

    [Insert evil grin]

  2. AVON ‘skin so new” body lotion and bath oil, I’m not kidding. Can’t bear to think of you both getting bitten up and not able to enjoy the island to it’s fullest…

  3. Ahahaha. Cute.

    Definitely invest in a tripod… or just find a railing/wall outside that you can balance the camera on? 😛

    You can get automatic timers too, if you really like time-lapse stuff — I was playing with one a few months ago. Wasn’t for me.

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