Susan Graham’s Sugar Sculptures

Susan Graham’s Toile Landscape is a collection of works that were just at Schroeder, Romero & Shredder  Gallery that the artist moved back to her Smack Mellon studio in time for DUMBO Arts Festival. I loved the intricacy of her all-white creations (yes, despite the yellow tint to my photograph these are white.)

Detail of above

Graham presents trees, towers and other tableaux here with delicate lines. Graham made these pieces out of sugar–in fact out of sugar, egg whites, wood and wire. (In fact, sculptures made of sugar are by no means a new thing, and apparently can last quite a long time.) In addition to sugar, the artist also works with porcelain. Here we have small landscapes of sorts, but more confrontationally in terms of material vs. content, she makes delicate white guns and lawnmowers.

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