Biggest Art Theft Ever??

Workers at the Museum of Modern Art of the City of Paris noticed a broken window before noticing the 5 missing masterpiece in what was probably a commissioned art heist this morning. Picasso’s ‘Dove with Green Peas’ (1912), Matisse’s ‘Pastoral’ (1906), George Braque’s ‘Landscape with Olive Tree’ (1906), Amedeo Modogliani’s ‘Woman with a Fan’ (1919) and Fernand Leger’s ‘Still Life with a Chandelier’ (1922) were taken. Read more about it here.

I love a good art theft–I just finished a novel about an art theif after all–and what a loot! If it weren’t for the fact that now I’ll never be able to view the works myself, I would be impressed. Currently I’m just jealous.