Yves Saint Laurent Collection at Auction

Legendary clothes designer Yves Saint Laurent died last June at his residence in Paris, where he and his partner Pierre Bergé had created a house of style in bricks and mortar. Their art collection is now hitting the auction block at Christies this February. The collection is a testament to Saint Laurent’s style in its wide-ranging combination of mediums, time periods and styles.

Quite conveniently, just as this collection comes to auction another style maven, moi, is moving to a new apartment and is in serious need of furnishings. Thus I did some online shopping at Christie’s.
First there are practical matters to consider: how to sit, how to drink martinis, and how to eat cereal. My solutions:
Reading Chair

Amazing Silver and Coral Spoons

YSL bar: now that’s a beautiful thing.

But what shall I contemplate, not that I’m set up in that luxurious chair, enjoying a martini and cereal? Leger’s Profile and Hooch’s Parrot, I think. Then for sheer exuberance I’ll add Calder’s Dancers and Sphere. But I’ll have to find a table on which to display it.

Fernand Leger, The Black Profile

Pieter de Hooch, A Young Woman Feeding A Parrot Alexander Calder, Dancers and Sphere

This style, as I like to call it, is ‘Manhattan Spartan-Chic,’ combining essential luxuries in limited space. My new apartment will be a joy once I purchase these lovelies. There were many other temptations, but a blogger can only afford so much. As it is, I won’t have any funds leftover for Vermouth.