Thanksgiving Ideals

Is this your family thanksgiving? It might be a bit off the mark with mine.

The clean shining faces around the table evoke a contented family peace. Norman Rockwell created this image entitled Freedom From Want for the Saturday Evening Post in 1954. He feared when he made it that he might convey overabundance with the theme of freedom from want, which he felt America offered. His idealized Americana scenes might not exactly evoke screaming children or burnt turkeys as in some households (who shall remain nameless) but the feeling is right. At the end of the second or third helping, one can at least feel that with enough food and hopefully a good red wine, any Thanksgiving can be one of thanks giving.

At the very least, give thanks if your November 24 skips on the uncanny faces and massive uncooked turkey flesh and doesn’t resemble American painter John Currin’s Thanksgiving;

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