The Dumpster Project

Some people, like me, clean house when they move, getting rid of the extra stuff that has accumulated along the way. Others, like artist Mac Premo, move to a smaller studio and decide to put all the stuff to good artistic use. In The Dumpster Project, Premo doesn’t chuck his decades-worth of collected objects into a dumpster as I would: he obsessively makes a home for it in the interior wood structure he built inside a dumpster.

Each of these objects have a personal meaning for the artist, recalling memories and stories. In addition to loving sorting them here, he posts an entry about one every day on the project’s blog. So for example, you might learn that the Chairman Mao watches pictured above were gifts from friends, and similar stories exist for each object on display. 

Currently The Dumpster Project is (or at least was this weekend for the DUMBO Arts Festival) on view in the tunnel in DUMBO.

One thought on “The Dumpster Project

  1. What amazes me is not the great idea, but the fact that people will line up to look at it! I love it! As a clutter bug with deep sentimental attachments to my clutter, I may have to steal his idea and give it a Texas twist! Thanks for sharing!

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