The Good, the Idiotic and the Brilliant: Stars Like Fleas at MoMA Monday Nights

Museums really do try not to be stuffy, quiet libraries of art. Point in case, MoMA Monday night events. Yesterday, it included an excellent Brooklyn band, Stars Like Fleas, which sounded a bit like Radiohead and a bit like a college friend’s experimental rock band. While it was a lovely evening to wander about the sculpture garden, or, oh, I don’t know, look at some art, I was glued to the lobby. As you can seen from the pictures, I was hardly alone. That’s the good.

What’s the idiotic? Me, taking photos on my Iphone. Yes, I did get a lovely, HD Flip video camera for my birthday which would have beautifully conveyed the atmosphere and great music. But I left it at home. Why yes, I do have a handy digital camera that also shoots video as well as much better pictures than these. I left that at home too. I hadn’t planned on going to MoMA; I just felt like popping in.

Which leads me to the brilliant: museum memberships. I have one at MoMA, and I walked into the concert last night without a ticket. That’s awesome in itself. Plus I work within walking distance of MoMA, so I can pop in on my lunch break or after work without paying $20. I just walk past the ticket lines. The way I visit MoMA, I figure it has paid for itself 5X over. And did I mention you also get free movie passes to any of their screenings?

I’m starting to sound like a salesman, so I’m going to stop.


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