Then and now: Similarities at Pulse

I felt like I was seeing a lot of the same things that I saw (and liked) last year at Pulse Art Fair this year. Magdalena Mura then, above image from 2010, and now:

Priscila Di Carvahlo then and now:

Seong Chun then and now:

Why the repetition? I’m sure I’m not the most observant or aware art fair-goer. Other industry people must notice even more than I do. Is it a sign the artist is selling so well nothing needs to be changed? The first two artist created different pieces in recognizable styles, but I’m pretty sure the beautifully-crafted paper piece I admired in 2010 is interchangeable for the 2011 piece.
I had the same sense of deja vu for the pieces below, just not the photographic evidence to support it. Did anybody else notice this? 
Xiaoze Xie this year at Pulse:
Marcus Linnenbrick this year at Pulse: 

2 thoughts on “Then and now: Similarities at Pulse

  1. I agree its beautifully made. But if I had $11,000 lying around, there are so many things I would want to do with it!

    Hope you enjoyed the fair.

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