This is the Daily Herald

It’s the newspaper for the Dutch side, where we live. It covers international and local news, but it especially brims with stories about Sint Maarten being slated to attain country statuson 10/10/10 rather than be part of the Netherland Antilles.

It is also full of these:



People with supernatural knacks.

Occult Scientists.

This is less than half of those advertising clairvoyant services to those seeking love, fidelity among couples, impotence, come back of affections, sales, power, and setting and removal of spells. Some study the occult, some are men of god. I thought this was paradise, but I didn’t know I could come here and solve all my problems by means of spells. There go my New Year’s resolutions–I’m hiring Professor Mamadou instead.

Also fun:

4 thoughts on “This is the Daily Herald

  1. I wonder if they those occult scientists work long-distance? And do they say anything abut being able to ensure planes take off when the delay I’m told has nothing to do with the appalling weather but has “gone technical”? If so, Professor Mamadou might be just the man I need right now 🙂

    I love things like this about local newspapers – local character! Like the sparkling drink for children too – cute idea.

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