Three Ways Good Design Makes You Happy

I don’t know what it is about the TED talks lately, like this one from Dan Norman on three ways good design makes you happy, but somehow I find them rather soothing.

Partly I think the attraction stems from my boyfriend and I now living in a place with a TV (!). Its very tempting at the end of the day, but all those espisodes of Law & Order are starting to make me nervous when I shower. Plus, nothing is very aesthetically-inclined, unless you count America’s Next Top Model. So somehow I end up in the bedroom watching these on my computer while my boyfriend revels in X-Men, and will probably keep doing so until PBS starts doing Art:21 marathons. By the way, did you know that ART:21 had a William Kentridge movie in the works?


One thought on “Three Ways Good Design Makes You Happy

  1. TED talks, although I believe the invitees are international, are so reflective of the positive part of the American character, the can-do thing,

    Yeah, it’s when Americans get into the will do (no matter what other people think about it) thing they get kind of scary…

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