Ugo Rondinone’s spirit level

Sprawling over 2 gallery spaces and featuring the works of 19 artists, artist Ugo Rondinone curated “the spirit level,” a beautiful show that ended April 21st. Lots and lots of pictures of the installation below. This show exemplified great curation to me. The works keyed off each other beautifully, and the environment itself became a work of art, as it were. There’s a nice review of it in the New York Times here.

Above and below is the entrance to the 24th Street Gladstone gallery, with Ann Craven’s large, dark paintings on the wall and Latifa Echakhch’s “Frames”, rectangular rugs with the centers cut out, on the floor. 

Andrew Lord’s ceramic vessels

Saul Fletcher’s tiny quiet Polaroids

Jay DeFeo’s charcoal drawings


Sarah Lucas’s penises

Bronze reclining nudes by Hans Josephsohn, canvas pyramids by Alan Shields, and a mural-sized suite of Amy Granat’s photograms of flowers.

In the 21st street gallery, the lower room held Peter Buggenhout’s enormous, dust-covered sculptures.

Sam Gilliam’s “Wall Cascade” and “Close to Trees,” two equally huge swaths of fabric hung from the walls.

Joe Bradley’s star canvases.

Hans Schärer. Love the teeth so much.

Upstairs room at the 21st St. gallery was filled with Vienna actionist Rudolf Schwarzkogler’s tortured photograghs alongside Al Hansen’s cigarette-butt Venus torsos on panels.

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  1. The rugs with the centers cut out reminds me of how Dan Flavin used florescent lights to create art just like the rugs by layering them and using color to make them more unique. We featured Flavin’s work on our website,, and there are definitely correlations between the work.

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