Video Killed the Art Star

I have not had a TV since I moved out of my parent’s house to go to college. At this point, it is a lifestyle choice, one that saves me from countless hours mindlessly flipping through channels and watching a rerun just for the sake of having something to watch. This has been a good decision for me on the whole. Add to this the ability to watch certain programs of choice via the internet, and I’m totally set. However, there are exceptions.
It began when I first realized how awesome the PBS series Art:21 is. How awesome is it? AWESOME. Then I kept hearing people mention a documentary called Herb & Dorothy, about a pair of art collectors called the Vogels (also PBS). Now, as you might have picked up from the clip above, there is a reality TV show called Work of Art, planned along the lines of Project Runway, for artists and Jerry Saltz is one of the judges. Certainly there is a movement from seriousness to frivolity in my exceptions but I would love to check it out–despite the ridiculous nature of a reality TV show based around art challenges. It airs tonight at 11 pm on Bravo. Or, for those sanctimonious fools without televisions, it is expected to be available on Hulu tomorrow.
More details on contestants here.

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