Visitors in Mexico!

Friends have come to visit, and having the pleasure of showing Merida to them makes me realize what a special place it is. Mexicans have a saying, “Nothing ever happens in Merida,” and it is meant in the best possible way. The city is a peaceful haven even within the safe, well functioning Yucatan peninsula. The turmoil and issues in the other parts of Mexico don’t seem to reach here.
Today we are going to walk around the city center and look at the cathedral, the beautiful candy colored facades that hide dark rooms and spacious courtyards, and the bustling plazas with their vendors, pigeons, and children.

Maybe later we will stop at the market for a bite to eat, or at least some churros (my favorite) before dinner.

7 thoughts on “Visitors in Mexico!

  1. Thanks (everyone but the Chinese spammer who comes every day now!). Merida really is a lovely, relaxed city.

    And definitely–you have to eat churros every chance you get!

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