When life gets in the way…

Between it taking two and a half hours to get online due to a problem that miraculously resolved itself and the email I got this morning from Youtube saying a video had been taken down for copyright infringement, I’d say I have a frustrated relationship with the online sphere right now.
I’m going to catch up on my blog reading.



4 thoughts on “When life gets in the way…

  1. Gutenberg probably didn’t tear his hair out and Sholes was never seen throwing his typewriter out windows. As bloggers we may may have the dubious distinction of being the first non fictional humans driven mad by their inventions.

  2. Whenever my computer acts up, you hear words you never heard in the Bible issuing from my mouth! Or, as a certain ex-President said: “I feel your pain!”

  3. It’s true, at least before we were capable of understanding the machines we created. I’m starting to suspect the computer has a mind and will of its own…

    It seems to be behaving this morning though, so I won’t jinx it by saying anything further

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