Would you buy Virginia Woolfe’s beach?

A Cornish beach thought to have inspired Virginia Woolf’s novel To The Lighthouse has been sold for £80,000, says the BBC. It is believed childhood recollections of trips to the seaside in Cornwall influenced her novel, set in the Hebrides.

It’s not quite the oddity one might think, as the proceeds have gone to charity for a local theater. Personally, I find it a very exciting development. I have been staring at the same bit of wall this past year writing my novel, and I’m sure its been a very important influence. I would be willing to part with this portion of the wall for a fraction of the sum Woolfe’s beach got. Similarly, there are these two orange pillows I’ve been resting my feet on. I feel the color orange now pervades my work. You could be the proud owner of Linnea West memorabilia before the rest of the world even knows that name. Think about it.

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