I am a freelance writer, blogger, and curator with a passion for the visual arts. I recently moved back to New York City, after graduating from The University of Georgia with a master’s degree in art history in May 2015. In 2012-3, I researched contemporary Hungarian art and national identity at the Ludwig Museum of Contemporary Art in Budapest while on a Fulbright grant. Prior to that, I lived in New York City and worked in book publishing for six years. In addition to art, I enjoy traveling, yoga, friends, and novels.

Since 2008, I have written the blog Art Ravels: Arts and Culture Unwound. With a focus on contemporary art, the blog is a reflection of wide exposure to the art scene in New York City and more recently in Budapest, Hungary and Athens, Georgia (USA). As a personal outlet for my thoughts on arts and culture, I strive to write accessibly, clearly, and passionately in reviews and news about art that excites me. Recent interests include work engaging the post-Socialist context and social practice. The Huffington Post (2013 article) and New York Art Beat (2009 article) have named it as one of the five NYC art blogs you should be reading.

In January 2015, I began to feature interviews on my blog as part of Phone Tag, a generative interview format.