Ballroom Dancing: Zilvinas Kempinas at Yvon Lampert Gallery

Installation shot from Flickr. Ballroom by Zilvinas Kempinas.
And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.” ~Nietzsche
One of the more fun works I stumbled into last night was this room by Lithuanian artist Zilvinas Kempinas entitled Ballroom at Yvon Lampert Gallery. The constant hum of fans suspended from the cieling kept the black circles of tape on the ground in constant motion, while red and blue lights arced through the air in a similar path above them. All this motion and energy was reflected back by loose reflective sheets of mylar that moved as well. 
It was quite engrossing to watch, and most especially walk among, the movement. On one hand, the ballroom title made absolute sense as you watched the light pair with the tape below, and all the pairs looked like couples moving in unison. The mix of red and blue lighting with the reflective walls also created a funhouse sort of atmosphere–as if you couldn’t trust your senses to guide you. Indeed, you had to be careful how you toed your way around those fragile tape circles.
Successful? It was disorienting. I walked out and had to shake my head a few times. It was engrossing, just taking a few steps into the room felt like an exploration. Certainly be able to walk through it rather than just view it was a strength. The constant flux of color was enthralling. So yes, successful, and refreshingly playful.

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