Carl Larsson’s Idyllic Spring


I’ve just returned from a quick visit to Sweden (my grandmother’s 90th birthday). The snow there has melted, and spring has just started to peak out from under the dead leaves. Carl Larsson’s images are representative of some of the idyllic Swedish days, full of light, that are just starting. 

Breakfast under the Big Birch Tree

Similar to Norman Rockwell in America, Larsson’s focus was on the home and happy families, and encapsulate the best and most charming aspects of Swedish life at the turn of the century. Also like Rockwell, advances in technology allowed his work to spread and become popularly known. Larsson’s watercolors could be reproduced easily through new printing techniques, just as Rockwell’s illustrations were spread on the cover of magazines. Having only spent the warmer months there, my memories of Sweden are just as idyllic.

Flowers on the Windowsill

Take a tour of Carl Larsson’s well-preserved and beautifully decorated home here

2 thoughts on “Carl Larsson’s Idyllic Spring

  1. Wow , I love Carl Larsson. What fun to see photos of the house, which is depicted in so many of his paintings. Lucky you to have been there! Thank you for sharing this. Glad you had a good trip… & a Happy Birthday to your Grandmother.

  2. Thanks.

    Yes, I really like him too–I’ve visited his home and it really is idyllic and full of color and plants, much like Monet’s really.

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