Coney Island

The Steeplechase, Coney Island (1929), Milton Avery
Luna Park Sign (1928), Walker Evans

Fourth of July, Coney Island (1958), Robert Frank

There might not be a steeplechase any more, but Coney Island remains essentially the same over the decades.  I loved finding these old photographs by Walker Evans and Robert Frank just for that reason. Especially at night, walking along the 100 year old boardwalk, one feels that people have been doing this here for ages.

3 thoughts on “Coney Island

  1. I LOVE the Luna Park Sign! I’ve only been to Coney Island once, but it does have that warm sense of history to it. Thanks for sharing the great historical pictures.

  2. Glad you like it.

    Yes, it is preserved although they recently unveiled the new “boardwalk” in some areas that had been rotting. Unfortunately, the recycled material they used just doesn’t replicated the look and feel of the old wood.

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