Dimonds Among Spades

The internet has everything in spades, not least of them t shirts and magazines. But these two enterprises came to my attention lately, and I quite like them.

Put your favorite book on your chest, with these literary inspired t-shirts. My friend Brian just started this operation, so kudos to him. The design at left is from Kafka’s Metamorphosis, thus the cockroach on his back saying “Oh Bother.” I love it, but I’m tore between this and the Alice and Wonderland t shirt.
(Hint hint, nudge nudge, Christmas is coming.)
This webzine is like culture megalomania at its best. Want poetry, fine art, and general thoughts on creativity and genius? It’s here. Not to mention, the site helps artists sell their work through an auction process (which, granted, I don’t fully understand.) The people writing for it are the Web 2.0 version of citizen journalists with an interest in the arts, and, full disclosure, I hope to submit something really spiffy to them in future.

So that makes for two great endeavors, completely despite my status as an interested party. Hopefully I’ll be able to give both my more thorough attention when I have a permanent residence again. I moved my stuff into storage yesterday morning, and took my few-too-many bags over to a friend’s house for the night. You know you’ve overpacked when you can’t carry everything by yourself. I need to edit my luggage down. But luckily I have some really nice friends who I’ll be staying with for the week while I tie up a few loose ends, i.e. my job and finding a place to live on St. Maarten.
8 days until I leave!

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