Eve Sussman’s Stereoscopes at Pulse

Elevated TrainEve Sussman 

I was happy to hear that Eve Sussman’s stereoscopes did so well at Pulse.

Creative Capital the generous grant-giving foundation, had surprising success at their upstairs location in the Impulse section — the part of the fair typically reserved for younger galleries with solo booths — even though the organization’s main purpose was to preview pieces from their upcoming May benefit auction. They sold ten editions at $500 each (plus an auction ticket) from former grantee Eve Sussman’s stereoscopic “Elevated Train” series.”

The stereoscopes actually put two images side-by-side, and when you look through the viewfinder your eye mixes the two scenes to create one 3D image. This is an old practice, as I remember having a wooden stereoscope with some 1840s-era scenes in my house growing up. Here though, Sussman took pictures of a JMZ platform, peering into the train cars as they passed at night and snapping people on the platform.

These images are from Creative Capital’s blog, where you can find more of them and also learn more about the making of the work.

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