Eye Candy: Piotr Uklanski at the Armory

Untitled, 2010

Piotr Uklanski is everywhere these days. The artist, whose contribution to the Whitney Biennial differed strongly, had this candy-colored piece up at the Armory. This large resin on aluminum image was not only as appealing as candy, but it managed to stick out of the Armory melee. It was part of a strong show from the Galerie Emmanuel Perrotin, which is currently battling it out with the awesome Jack Shainman in my head for Armory gallery supremacy.

If you missed Uklanski’s piece, never fear. Head to IKEA soon to see sculpture by the artist. Yep, that’s right: IKEA.

2 thoughts on “Eye Candy: Piotr Uklanski at the Armory

  1. I thought it was icing originally too–and I was even more impressed then, well, kind of. I stil remember seeing icing sculptures at the Met that were hundreds of years old…

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