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Anonymous said…
make no mistake – they are a gallery. a little scatterbrained when it comes to dealing (and i suspect some of that is intentional), but have a great, challenging list of artists and have produced some great shows.
January 27, 2009 1:34 PM

Anonymous said…
a little too cool for school
February 8, 2009 6:42 PM

I questioned Reena Spaulings Fine Art yesterday, and a visitor suggested How’s My Dealing? blog for information about the gallery, which I posted above. (Apparently I wasn’t the only one who questioned if it was a real gallery.) How’s My Dealing? is spot on in terms of picking up art world gossip, albeit anything you read should be taking with a grain of salt.


Because people comment on their experience with people in the art world anonymously. Anonymously means they can comment completely honestly without fear, but it also leaves room for much idle gossip.

Still, it’s like a semi-professional tabloid of the art world, and absolutely indulgently fun. As the moderator, Buck Naked, explains regarding their comment policy:

Asking “does anyone know if he is gay?”, telling us who takes what drugs, commenting on appearances, and random sex information alone are not relevant. Are you saying an artist’s attractiveness or response to advances is a factor in the decision to exhibit or promote the artist? Are there abuse of power issues? You need to be clear.

While it’s not a free for all, it’s pretty close. Things I want to check out include the galleries put on “death watch” for bad treatment of artists. The design of the blog is difficult to read, but if you’re looking for a little snark this morning, as I just might be, it’s worth the eyestrain to check it out.

For an additional amusing/horrifying art talk, check out the inadvertent gallery theft described on myartspaceblog. What a nightmare!

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