Hey, I went to Philadelphia! (Medieval style)

Yep, this is Philadelphia. I went to see the Van Gogh exhibition – completely sold out – and ended up browsing the Medieval section of the museum. Atmospheric, no?

I made a friend a few inches tall carved in ivory. She seems nice and devout. I quite like her.

But there’s another side to her – a darker side reminding one of death as much Medieval art does. 

There were some extraordinary works of art. There were also sea monsters.

Of course the sea monster here is a woman. Just like blaming Eve for that whole apple incident. I feel sure that there are an equal number of male and female seamonsters, but when do you ever see the male portrayed?

This picture depicts a typical angel crowning going on in the main room (you know how it is). 

However, who is the mystery man in boxer shorts at the door? Why is he included in this picture of St. Veronica and her husband being crowned by angels when he seems to be delivering wood? That’s what I like about these Medieval artists: You know they are going be absolute fanatics about details, so you get a sense of what it was truly like the day Veronica was crowned.

I also enjoyed the portraits of highly unattractive people.

Outside the museum, a fog hung low over the city.

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  1. I love medieval art ….& you are so right….there is always something bizarre going on if you look for it…. plus I love the colors….the reds are so lusciously beautiful….& all that gold!! Thanks for this fun & funny tour! Too bad about Van Gogh though….

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