Maggie Tobin’s Luminous Treetops


I found Maggie Tobin through Art In Brookyn–always nice to have hyperlocal resources–and the artist maes some lovely images of tree branches, displaced and translucent. It reminds me of lying on your back in the grass and looking up to see the such shine through branches, all black in thick relief.

Tobin notes how she captures such a deep yet luminous effect in her artist’s statement:

The trees are painted in oil on translucent vellum stretched over mirror creating a subtle luminous quality and 3-dimensional effect. I try to capture the sublime quality of the Hudson River Luminists as well as the sense of limitless space in twelfth century Chinese Southern Sung landscapes. Within my paintings there are no cultural references; I aim to reflect the timelessness of nature in a fleeting moment.


The subject matter and the medium really work well together here. AND The artist’s website features flipbooks (fun!) and other goodies.  

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