Matthew Cox’s Embroidered X-rays

Of all the uses of thread I saw at the art fairs, and they were myriad and multitudinousness, even more so than last year, Matthew Cox’s embroidery on x-ray at Pentimenti Gallery’s booth at Pulse struck me as novel and apt.

The Botticelli-esque embroidery fleshes out the lines suggested by the x-rays. The contrast between the x-ray and the embroidery works well, although I wish the pieces could have been backlit to show off the x-rays better.

4 thoughts on “Matthew Cox’s Embroidered X-rays

  1. Hello Tulip! Matthew Cox’s embroidery is dazzling and reminds me of cake icing (yum). Very tactile. I didn’t see this booth at the The Armory Show this year… or did you go down to Philly to the gallery? I thought The Armory Show was so wicked – mostly blue-chip contemporary and modern art galleries. Not much cutting edge or fringe. What was masquerading as innovative was too artistically perverse to be interesting.

  2. Yes, it was very tactile. His work was up at Pulse Art Fair, not the Armory, and maybe its telling that he showed there. 🙂

    Armory was definitely wicked.

  3. Linnea, I found your blog about this time last year & remember enjoying your commentary on the art fairs then. Again, I am happy to be taken along & shown your favorite picks. Thanks for sharing your insight.

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