Ravels in Review Friday

Raveling about art has been happening here since October. To keep you up to date, let’s review what was discussed over the past week:

  • Politics (yes, of all things…I know); I covered both international and domestic political art, with a spotlight on artists who are bucking North Korean’s propaganda bandwagon, and made a slightly enraged comment on Shepard Fairey. Suffice it to say this will be the last mention of said artist on this blog. {My conclusion is government-endorsed political art, from fascism on, is bad art. Correct me if I’m wrong.}

  • And Boxes; To illuminate you on the inner workings of the great and mysterious (and beautiful and intelligent and funny and kind) Art Ravels, I pictorially described my new living conditions.

Check these out and discuss. If you have an insatiable lust for more ravels, see the most interesting and discussed posts lately:

  • Absinthe as a Lifestyle– sometimes it’s good to be bad, and sometimes it produces / destroys artistic geniuses,

As always, read, enjoy, and let me know what you think. Ravels in Review is a new idea for a weekly Friday column, so if you love it, and more importantly if you hate it, tell me. Not that this is a democracy or anything, but I’m a benevolent dictator.

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