Ravels in Review Friday: Atlanta Edition

Well, my dreams of travel have taken me somewhere after all: home to Georgia for a long weekend. And guess what? It’s hot and humid, just the way I like it. (As opposed to cold and rainy New York).

Georgia O’Keefe’s Peach and Glass [Georgia…Peach. Get it? The humidity makes me punny]

I felt like Santa Claus comig down with my backpack full of presents yesterday. It’s my mom’s birthday Saturday, Father’s Day Sunday, and my sister’s birthday Wednesday. Most of my old friends are here somewhere, and hopefully I’ll be able to see some of them athough it looks like I have a pretty jam-packed schedule AND I want to go the High Museum of Art. But we’ll see.

As to the ravels in review, we covered our cultural bases this week. We started with poetry, ala the life of Edna St. Vincent Millay, then got a dose of theater, with the Public Theater’s production of Twelfth Night, and rounding us off we talked about art old (nude Mona Lisa old, that is) and new (with Clay Ketter’s most recent work) with a dab of the wistful travelogue I mentioned.

Happy Friday!

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