Recovered (almost) from the BORDERS Exhibition


The artists, co-curator, and myself at the exhibition opening

Back from Berlin, and feeling like I have finally caught up on my sleep after a long week installing, opening, and taking down BORDERS, the group exhibition I curated with Trevor Amery. It was such an interesting process curating this virtually. Between this blog and my current work, much of my life is online, so to speak, but organizing an art exhibition in Berlin from my computer in Budapest took it to the next level. Also, my co-curator, who lives in a different city in Hungary, and I would Skype and email to make up for the few in-person meetings. Yet somehow it all came together–and it’s hard to imagine how it could have gone smoother.


BORDERS was a group show featuring the work of nine artists working throughout Europe, from Greenland to Turkey. Hanging all the works–with the inevitable changes and challenges once you saw them in the space–was such a fun process. Seeing the gallery space for the first time, meeting the artists, installing their works all had the joy of discovery, as well as the feeling of finally meeting old friends.  And seeing old and new friends from the US, Berlin, and many, many other places at the opening was such a rewarding experience. Truly it would not have been possible had it not been such a collaborative effort from all involved. The great guys at Staycation Museum were such a help throughout.


I only wish I had had the chance to see more of Berlin itself! More photos here and here.

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